PGTI Masters 2016

  • Golf Course: Classic Golf & Country Club
  • Venue: Tauru, Mewat
  • Prize Money: Rs 50 Lacs
  • Start Date: 04-Oct-2016
  • End Date: 07-Oct-2016
  • Tour Format: Stroke Play

TV Timings

PGTI Masters
18-Oct-16 at 21:00 hrs
19-Oct-16 at 07:30 hrs

19-Oct-16 at 10:30 hrs

19-Oct-16 at 14:00 hrs

19-Oct-16 at 18:30 hrs

20-Oct-16 at 01:00 hrs

20-Oct-16 at 06:30 hrs

21-Oct-16 at 14:00 hrs

21-Oct-16 at 19:00 hrs

22-Oct-16 at 01:00 hrs

23-Oct-16 at 08:30 hrs

23-Oct-16 at 14:00 hrs
On TEN 1 
19-Oct-16 at 09:30 hrs

19-Oct-16 at 19:00 hrs

20-Oct-16 at 20:00 hrs

About PGTI:

Formed in 2006, Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) is the recognised official body of professional golf in India. PGTI's objective is to promote professional golf in the country, as well as to give players an opportunity to be involved in the decision making on all aspects of the game. Headed by Mr. Gautam Thapar (President), PGTI's governing body comprises leading Indian golf professionals. PGTI currently has over 300 members.

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