Amrutanjan Fruitnik Electro+

Amrutanjan Healthcare Ltd is a pioneer in pain relief for over 127 years. Apart from pain management products, Amrutanjan Healthcare offers products in other categories, including Electro+ ORS  and Fruitnik in beverages, Comfy Snug Fit in women’s hygiene and Amrutanjan Relief in cold and congestion.
Electro+ ORS is a juice-based ORS drink. It helps in regaining lost salts and fluids lost due to dehydration. It has added Electrolytes, Glucose and Vitamin C. It has a unique R3 Formula which Restores Electrolytes, Replenishes Glycogen and Reduces Muscle Stress with instant energy. One bottle of Electro+ ORS contains the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C. It is an all-day rehydration drink and can be consumed during different activities such as sports & exercise, travel, sickness-related dehydration, hangover recovery. Fruitnik Electro+ is available in ready-to-drink PET bottles. The added convenience of a PET bottle is that it can be consumed on multiple occasions in a day.