When Tiger calling was heard at Digboi Golf Links during the 2015 IndianOil Servo Masters Golf

The picturesque Digboi Golf Links located at Digboi in Assam has been the venue for the IndianOil Servo Masters Golf, one of the longest running tournaments on the Indian domestic circuit, since 1999. The historic Digboi Golf Links, one of the premier tournament venues in the North-Eastern region of the country, is truly a golfer’s delight.

The course is a ‘one of its kind’ in terms of ambience as it is situated among the lush tea estates and thick forest of eastern Assam. The golfing venue is bordered by the Dehing Wildlife Sanctuary on three sides and the magnificent Patkai range of mountains on the fourth.

As a result of its surroundings, wild animals such as elephants and leopards have often been spotted at the golf course. Occasionally, tigers have also been spotted at the course.

But it was during the 2015 IndianOil Servo Masters Golf that a tiger made its presence felt for the first time during a golf tournament.

It was the final round of the event on November 21, 2015, when professional golfers at the Digboi Golf Links heard the distinct sound of a tiger calling approximately between 9:30 and 10 am. The roars seemed to emerge from the forest area adjoining the 17th green and 18th tee.

The group on the 18th tee at that moment comprised of Randhir Singh Ghotra, Raju Ali Mollah and Rafick Ali Mollah. Randhir clearly heard two distinct noises before his tee shot, so did all the other players in the vicinity. A lot of professionals were heard discussing the incident at the end of the round.

On a lighter note, one can safely say that with the tiger lurking, the players made sure that there were no issues relating to the ‘pace of play’.

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